Friday, March 31, 2006


Okay, it's been a rough week for a certain flightless bird you might know. Rough week, indeed.

First, I was accosted in the middle of Old Metairie by a Rhino and his pet Hummingbird. They claimed that I had sold them a bitter tasting fruitcake. Well duh! What other kind is there? Anyway, it was a very good fruitcake, and they had no grievance, other than their own sense of taste.

The only real problem is that the Rhino is also my tax accountant. Seems I'll be looking for a new one of those soon.

The female concubine ostrich has spent a good deal of time crying. So I recommended she go shopping, and A-SHOPPING SHE IS DOING! At this moment, she is in the suburbs buying herself a new car, a Jeep Liberty, if the current rumors are legitimate. Really, I just thought she would go and shop for shoes, but, well, women, etc.

It's time for me to go off and have a toddy. I think I'll go to the Inferior Grill and have a Mimosa. I hope Liz isn't still in the bathroom. That newspaper has probably gotten really old by now.

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