Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tonight, with a Special Guest Host

In about ten minutes, I am off to celebrate an old friend's birthday, Rob Peneguy. He is one of the first people who discovered the genius that is Red Velveeta, and certainly, Archibald is one to appreciate those who appreciate genius.

It's a celebration, but I'm not sure that there is much to celebrate in birthdays at this age. Early onset Alzheimers, stage 6 pancreatic ulcers, adult diapers, you get the picture. I guess the only good thing for him is that somebody will be buying the drinks, and that somebody is an ostrich.

Also in the news, Sunshine will be coming to New Orleans one month from tomorrow to attend a wedding. Her Burly Soldier will be in this fair city as well. This makes my eyes water with birdly delight.

Another rumor has it that Lush Muffin may be making a cameo appearance in NOLA. Only time will tell.

Finally, I want to thank the country of Honduras for sending me the proper labor to put a new roof on my roost here in war torn New Orleans. A bird's got to have a place to make mimosas during a rainstorm without fear of an imminent ceiling collapse.

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