Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yet more troubles with the females

It seems that my lack of clothing and being covered only by a layer of feathers leaves a good bit of women in my life slightly unhinged. I attempt to rattle them by asking if they're "naked under their clothes," but apparently, this is not enough.

Have they any decency, this gender? What, what, I ask you, is the real issue here? Is it that they're all tied to some kind of Mormon decency code? Or is it that they too wish they could just walk through the streets covered in nothing but feathers?

LSU won tonight. Geaux Tigers.

Anyway. Today's menu consisted of a queso fondito with chirizo and a plate of carnitas. Being an ostrich, I found them both tantalizing. No ostrich meat used in either dish. Pig meat. Ohhh... yummy.

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