Tuesday, July 08, 2008

English Trouble

I spoke with Sunshine yesterday, and she gave me some unfortunate news. Apparently, Caroline's English lessons aren't going very well. She's being taught by her nanny, Liz, but since Liz can't seem to stay off the sauce long enough to tie her own shoes, Seniorita Caroline's English comes out slurred.
In other news, Sunshine and Simon are close to finalizing the deal for their new estate in Baton Rouge. The maid's quarters won't be completed when they close, however, so the family will have to continue to stay with Sunshine's mother, Sun (pronounced "Soon") until those sordid details can be dealt with.

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Heidi said...

This cracks me up b/c once my mother got into making the tin men out of can things. I know Robert and I went thru several of them and she had quite a few in her own yard.

I kind of wish I had a tin can man for some additional yard art.