Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Friday Lunch on Wednesday?

My co-workers and I are doing our traditional Friday lunch, today, on Wednesday. This is because a bunch of these assholes are going to be at the beach, while I'll be here, sweating my toes off in NOLA.

I would suggest going for raw oysters, but I know that will be shot down. We usually end up at a hibachi place over here on the Wank (Westbank for those in the know). It's pretty good, so I can't really complain.

My step-dad is finally becoming an American citizen on Thursday. He's from England, so he didn't have much of a problem passing the English test. But the American history test turns out to be a lot harder than one would expect. So I'm happy for him. It's pretty exciting.

Seniorita Caroline is rumored to have been hanging out with her nanny, Elizabeth N., at the Happy Note. They've been spotted doing tequila shots and then Liz tries to get Caroline to jump speed bumps on her tricycle. More on this later.

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