Monday, March 10, 2008

Food For Thoughtingsfull

After the track on Saturday (the Louisiana Derby, where I lost a good deal of money), my friends Emilee, Sara and I went to Port O Call for the burger and some Monsoons. Well, needless to say, after a day long afternoon of drinking and a Monsoon, throwing this awesome burger and the awesome potato that comes along with it on top of my already disturbed stomach made for an interesting evening of digestion. Most of my dreams revolved around me walking down the street with strange noises coming from my belly.

Anywhoo, I would also like to explain the fact that, now that Chelsea and Manchester United have both crashed out of the FA Cup, there is guaranteed to be at least one lower division team in the final at Wembley. I, for one, am pulling for both Barnsley and Cardiff (because Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink plays there).

Update: Barnsley and Cardiff drew each other in the semi-final, so only one of them will be going to the final.

Also, it has come to my attention that Natalie has a new pet Emu. I'm not sure how I feel about this, as Emus are cousins of the Ostrich and, well, I don't like the idea of being somebody's pet.

Lars is a great name for a girl, Sunshine. Just dropping a hint.

Natalie is also involved in something a little unsavory. It turns out that she has been shaving FM's (pronounced Knarf) back hair and knitting it into some kind of stocking cap. She plans on selling it on ebay, in a package deal along with a can of tuna (I haven't figured that one out yet, either). If I were her, I would offer a bag of marshmallows to go with the tuna, but, alas, I am not Gnat. (Be gentle to your emu).


My hormones are leaking.


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NATALIE said...

FM is practically hairless! This effort is fruitless!