Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Trouble With Simon

Sunshine and Simon the Burly Soldier have a new chair, which makes Sunshine happier than a clam in a shell. Unfortunately for poor Simon, he is not allowed to make use of the chair because of what happened to him in this picture. Poor Simon!

In other news from the Creech household, Seniorita Caroline is making great strides indeed! She's learned how to sew many different patterns of plaid and has hit her quota for two days straight! This means she got not just one tortilla for dinner, but also was alotted a thimble full of refried beans. Simon, of course, is not allowed beans, for reasons described in the picture above.

I am going to cook beer can chicken tonight. That is very exciting.



NATALIE said...

how was the chicken?

Archibald said...

I haven't cooked it yet, but will certainly post a report tomorrow.

NATALIE said...

My Emu's name is Brittney, and she is doing really well! She's more of a roommate than a pet, though. You should meet her, Archibald!