Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sunshine's Growing Family

I have just learned from my friend Sunshine, that, as soon as she drops the Mormon Emily off in a bucket of water, she and Simon are planning on growing their rapidly expanding family, this time, she says, with twins.

"Why can Liz have twins and I can't?" she recently asked me. "It's not fair. Archibald, you know how much I love to make breakfast for my new adopted Central American children. I suddenly feel like I don't have enough mouths to feed."

While they haven't yet decided on names for the fraternal twins (again, Liz-jealousy), the early front-runners are:

Boy: Jesus (the spanish pronunciation-- Seniorita Caroline's idea)
Girl: Sun (after Sunshine's Japanese mother, Sun (pronounced "Soon")

Sunshine and Simon plan on starting their marathon sex / baby production sessions in the hospital within minutes after she drops off Emily the Mormon into the proverbial bucket of water.

They are SOOOO ready for more children.

More later.


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