Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What to have for Breakfast

Because of their special needs, Sunshine has had to look long and hard for an appropriate breakfast cereal for her new Central American children, William and Caroline. Thank Goodness she has finally found it! The kids really love the crispy tortillas and the ooey gooey goodness of the 100% artificial cheese sauce. The only problem is they do get a little soggy when she adds the milk, but the kids are used to eating as if every meal is their last, so with the exception of the last few bites, it seems to be working out perfectly.

Also, Seniorita Caroline has mastered English enough to where Sunshine hasn't completely decided to send her back, and although her sewing has improved, she's only added mock turtlenecks to her repetoire of thongs. But I think things are looking up.

Handsome William has already finished the family taxes and has recommended they find a nice tax shelter in the Caymans with all of the money they're going to get in their refund.

Finally, I have to report that Sunshine is, in fact, pregnant with a mormon. Her name is going to be Emily if it is a girl, or Schwartz if it is a boy. Let's cross our fingers and hope for a boy mormon, as we all know Emily is a TERRIBLE name.


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NATALIE said...

what I wouldn't give for my own nacho machine.