Monday, April 28, 2008

Would you like fries with that?

Weekends full of rain, milky residue on the kitchen counter from God only knows what, a plate full of olives...

These are a few of my favorite things!

I have to admit, this past weekend was a complete blur, minus the one trip I took to World Market and Office Depot. Way, way too much rain. The good news:

1. Chelsea beat Manchester United to move into a tie for the lead with two games remaining.

2. The Hornets spanked the Mavs to move to within one game of heading to the next round.

The bad news:

I did jack shit all weekend. When I read Bad Repp's blog and saw all the stuff that she did, I was like, "Oh, I guess that's what people with lives do." Quite depressing, when I think about it. And maybe, just maybe, I'm mad at Bad Repp because she got to go to Seniorita Caroline's birthday party and I did not (only because I am a boy-- I shouldn't feel so bad; Knarf was also rejected, and his masculinity is questionable at best).

The okay news:

I very much enjoyed the Inside the Actors Studio with Dave Chappelle, and only saw it because it was raining and there was nothing else on. He's a very funny, sick dude.

Finally, I think Sunshine should name her new twins (she's pregnant AGAIN, and it's twins) Gilbert and Sullivan.

That is all.


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Natalie said...

You would have been very out of place at Senorita Caroline's birthday party. Lots of squealing little girls and fancy outfits...