Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Trip to the Track

On Saturday, I took the research scientist for her first trip to the racetrack ever. She had a lot of fun and we did a little bit of gambling; there was a success on that end of it. We bet 30 and won 60. Not a terrible day at the track. She had particularly good luck choosing horses for me with the word "cat" in the names of the horses.

Sunday was a really big day in the Creech household. William, who now speaks better English than both of his adopted parents, seems to also be a real whiz with numbers, so much so, that Simon has turned over the job of doing their taxes to the young, burly, Central American genius.

Sadly, things haven't gone as smoothly for Seniorita Caroline. Her sewing skills continue to languish as does her mastery of American English. Although she continues to be able to sew some high quality thongs, she can't seem to make anything else. Even a simple bandana is beyond her reach right now and Sunshine is seriously considering sending her back to Central America and finding a more suitable replacement. In fact, the only reason Sunshine hasn't sent her back is that she hasn't found a box big enough in which to ship Caroline. I, for one, hope young Seniorita Caroline can come up with something productive to give Sunshine an excuse to keep her here in America. Adoption, it seems, is more difficult than Sunshine expected.

Speaking of, it turns out Sunshine might give birth to a Mormon after all. She's even picked out a name. Emily the Mormon. More on this breaking news later.


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