Friday, February 08, 2008


I've been tired since Mardi Gras, which, as you can tell from these headlines, was really, really a lot of work. But I'm finally done with all that foolishness and ready to get back to what I do best: drink more mimosas.

I'm happy to report that Big Brother, Mardi Gras Style, went off without anybody being kicked off the premesis. I guess this means that next season will be hosted by Marie Osmond.

On the book-reading front, I just finished Absurdistan. A few words about this book: Funny, yeah, sometimes. But I found it mostly to be disgusting for the sake of disgusting and really, although I finally saw an arc in the character, the trip from a. to b. happened far too suddenly, right there at the end as if the author just couldn't keep writing anymore. I'm glad he made that decision because I was done with the book. I give it a C+. Only read it if you want to be mildly amused and like to hear about (often) about a first person narrator's mangled penis.

Finally, I would like to thank Simon the Burly Soldier for removing the last of Disco Darryl from his home. Life is much better that way.


NATALIE said...

Who is Disco Darryl? You are such a talented ostrich, Archibald!

Archibald said...

It would be improper for me to post regarding your comment. Only Simon the Burly Soldier or Sunshine could properly answer the question.

My only lead into this is: There was a lot of red paint in the house, and I fear that Disco Darryl might have had some ritual slaughter parties on Natchez Court. One can only guess as to the species of the bloodletting taking place, considering the fact that Disco Darryl had the place wired better than the Pentagon.

So, Sunshine (surely gestating a Mormon at this point, and completely unable to respond) is the only person in the position to speak to the truth of my accusations.