Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night, I had a dream that I was back in college having to take a French exam. AGAIN!!! It's a brutal dream because of my well documented problems getting out of French in the first place. (Yes, before Tommy Boy came out, I was the kid running across campus screaming "I got a D Minus!!!") So, worse than anything, I also had to write my answers in pencil on some man's driveway. Furthermore, since my recall of French has become pretty much non-existent, I had no idea how to express my answers to the questions.
I blame all of this on Natalie's blog, btw.
Sunshine phoned last night to inform me that she is waiting for Guffman.


NATALIE said...

why do you blame ME?!?!

mrbeer said...

Ugh, I am with you brother. Took 3 years of french and only made it thru French II

savory simon said...

Languages are the root of all life.