Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The price of gas

I like this picture, although I doubt it would go down well in a Mexican restaurant. Beans, beans, wonderful fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!

Tonight, I will be receiving a visit from the research scientist. We're going to drink champagne and I'm going to cook her some Albondingas (spanish meatballs). And then she's going to sleep over. We might have a pillow fight; it's cool if the pillow breaks open because we can just fill it back up with my excess feathers (I'm shedding a little lately. It might be early onset Alzheimer's).

I'm thinking about starting a wedding band and singing songs from the 80's. I wanted to call the band "Cantankerous," but Sunshine says she's already claimed that name.

In other Sunshine related news, the two new hispanic children (Caroline and William) the Creech family adopted are doing really well in their new jobs. Sunshine has already taught the eldest, Caroline, how to sew her counterfeit linens and says she should be ready for the sweat shop in a month or so. And William has been teaching his mom how to make tortillas from wood shavings. Although Sunshine won't eat them herself, this should be a great way to feed the kids, keeping food costs low.



Katherine C. said...

So did she dump the boyfriend or not?

I think the 80's band idea is actually a good idea. You can have the cantankerous name.

NATALIE said...

I posted a similar image many moons ago when I was writing about Annie's gas.