Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Brother, Mardi Gras Style

Encephalitis Pete, currently drilling for oil in the North Sea, had a fantastic idea for the comings and goings at Coliseum and Cadiz: We should set up cameras and have a live vote every night, whether to let them stay or vote to evict. But I say let's make it even better. We can also vote to evict the homeowner!!! Now that ups the stakes. Or, we can evict only one or two of the children and send them to social services for the duration of Carnival. Or the cat. Or, we can make it messy and vote to evict the washing machine, the shower nozzles and the sinks.
I give the whole enterprise 24 hours, myself, but a bird has been known to be wrong from time to time.


mrbeer said...

Glad to see the husband wasn't mentioned to be voted out. He is that cool since he drinks a lot of beer and watches real football. He and the 19 month will be sitting in a chair watching the chaos unfold. I am sure he will give blog updates if need be. Be afraid of him and not Heidi

Archibald said...

There is absolutely no fear given to Mr. Beer. He's probably going to be the emcee.