Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas on Earth

Last night's dream:

The setting was beautiful Biloxi Beach, circa 1972, except it was a lot more like Atlantic City. I was staying in a huge skyscraper. The hotel had a fabulous, wood paneled bar, way up at the top of the building so you were overlooking the people on the beach. Kept running into people who I knew I'd run into but wasn't really in the mood to commisserate with. Once on the beach, the waves were hugely unpredicitable. While this scared most of the other people in the water, for me, it was fun; body surfing, it seemed, had become my greatest art, and I looked forward to bigger and bigger swells so I could glide toward the shore at higher and higher speeds.

I returned to the hotel only to find that the bar had become packed with people. Ran into a girl I used to know but couldn't remember her name. She was in a green velvet dress and I was so pissed I counldn't remember what her name was, because she was a beautiful bird. She knew my name. Damn.

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