Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's been a while

Sorry about the length of time since my last post, but I had to go to the home planet for some Botox treatment. Anywhoo, I look like a much younger version of Archibald than before, so you might not recognize me if I'm not wearing my top hat and bow tie.

Well, 2008 has been quite exciting, to say the least! I got an email from Sunshine. She has been blogging under the pseudonym Katherine C. Her blog is located at Please feel free to send her many letters of encouragement because, at this moment, she is hallucenating that she has two children and is pregnant with another. Oh, that silly Sunshine! We all know that a woman with a Japanese mother is unable to give birth to anything other than Mormons.

In other news, the hamsterfish drank so much on New Years that he got sick for an entire week.

Also, Luigi cooked the most delicious jambalaya last night. It was so good that I might have caught a case of the heartburn. SPICY.

Okay, well, fear not. Archibald is back, and this time, there are going to be some feathers flying (but not me, sadly).

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