Friday, January 25, 2008

My Upcoming Weekend

So, after work today, the research scientist is planning on spending the weekend with yours truly, the baddest bird in the 504, Archibald. As many of you know, it's Mardi Gras time and with this being the first weekend of parades, much celebrating is to be had.

Tonight's parades are Oshun and Pygmalion. It's going to be nice and cold outside and research scientists are well known for clinging to their favorite birds when the temperature gets chilly. I welcome this, as this means she will be close enough to fetch the many beers I will surely be requesting. Mush camel!

After speaking with Mr. Beer, I have decided that Big Brother, Mardi Gras Style should have one more obstacle to make things more interesting: Heidi's brother, Chauncey, should show up unannounced and rip roaring drunk. He should sit out on the front porch and yell obscenities to all of the passers by and then offer to fry them turkeys.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Simon the Burly Soldier, who returned from war last night just in time to explain to Sunshine that she is not pregnant, but just plain fat. Poor Sunshine! But good job, Simon! Sunshine's delusions of parenthood were bound to cause her to do something extreme, like buy a minivan, and that would be just plain depressing.
Hello, and Happy Mardi Gras.


mrbeer said...

Chauncey's chant at ALL the floats

Last time we sat on the front porch we bought a very nice hedge clipper for 5 bucks and a draft beer. I will let him know about Big Brother weekend and a cook off

NATALIE said...

bad news, Sunshine already has a minivan. But I'm sure you know this.

Archibald said...

Oh no!!! The delusions are contagious. She does NOT have a minivan. She drives a pink Mary Kay Cadillac.