Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend One, Done

Yes, Pat. I would like to buy a vowel. Can I have an "E?"

I would like to paint a picture of this weekend for all of my devoted readers, but I am a terrible painter. Regardless, I can attest to the fun that is Carnival, even when it's overcast and cold. And do you want to know why? One word: Mimosas. Greatest invention ever.

Another tidbit: The Research Scientist is addicted to champagne. She carries bottles of the stuff in her car, "Just in case." This suits me just fine, as I have now found myself stocking the refrigerator with an unlimited supply of orange juice.

The hamsterfish and Heidi meltdown day is fast approaching. The over / under on time spent without bloodshed is holding firm at 23 minutes. Mr. Beer has already started taking volunteers for his blood drive in order to replenish the combatants when they are sent to their corners.

Also, in another side bet in Vegas, the odds of Wren punching me in the nuts currently sits at 2/1. If I were a betting man, I'd take those odds.


mrbeer said...

Keep an eye on the other monsters as well. Wren has practice on Wednesday nights where he teaches the finer points of nut busting to his sisters. They practice on Stitch

Anonymous said...

Archibald, I think it is time to invest in a Warrior Nutt Hutt.

It may be your only hope.